Protect Your Eyes: Healthy and Safe Circle Lens Use

Before you make your order using this site, you have obtained a valid prescription by your Optician and forthwith confirm that what you order is in accordance to the said valid prescription.

This disclaimer of liablity applies to any discomfort or injury caused by circle lens wear.
We can only guarantee that the lenses are authentic, but cannot guarantee that they are suitable for your eyes. Some might have have extremely dry/sensitive eyes etc, and are less suitable to wear contact lenses or only suitable for specific brand )
We are not responsible for any damages done to your eyes/vision due to misuse and improper care of lenses purchased through us. We provided enough detailed information to clear up any misunderstandings.
  • If you experience discomfort with your circle lenses, please remove them and consult your optician immediately.
  • Discomfort can be an early sign of a more serious complication, and early treatment can have a significant impact on overcoming problems. Regular ongoing professional care can help maintain eye health.
Circle Lenses - A Must Read First Timer Guide

Circles lenses are the same as any other contact lenses that required routine cleaning and storage in order to avoid any complication while wearing.
We will not advise you to wear circle lens if you do not like routine cleaning,
Please consult optometrist for further clarification on wearing of any of your contact lenses.
Following are some important note when wearing circle lenses 
1.Ensure that you have soak your new lens in a contact lenses solution for 6 hours before you use it.
2.Do not use it directly from the vial bottles.
3.Before you use the lenses clean it again with a contact lenses solution or saline water.
4.DO Not use Tap water to clean your lens!
5.If you feel irritation , you may not have clean it thoroughly , please repeat item 3 again.
6.For beginner , do not you use the lens for long hours ( please read below : first timer user guide )
7.Do not wear your lens to sleep.
8.Do not swim or soak in a hot tub when wearing your lens.
9.Do not wear your color lens every day. Rest at least once a week.
10.Do cleanse your lens again, if you leave your lens in the case for more than 1 days.
11.Do not use eye drops or solutions that are not specifically for soft lens.
12.Do use protein removal pills once or twice a week for yearly lens
1.For your eyes safety please follow below schedule. Your eyes need time to adjust to the lens.
Day 1 - 1 hour of wear
Day 2- 2 hours of wear
Day 3 to Day 5- 3 hours of wear
Day 6 - 4 hours of wear
Day 7 - 5 hour of wear
Day 8 - 6 to 8 hours of wear
2. Reaction of first time circle lens use include; tearing, redness and sensitivity to light, itchiness, increased blinking and movement of the lens. As your eyes adapt to wearing lenses, these symptoms will gradually diminish.
3. Upon removing the lens, place the lens in your palm ready to be cleaned, followed by placing the lens in the case with fresh solution.
4. Rinse the lens thoroughly with more all-purpose solution. Never use homemade solutions, mineral water or tap water. They may contain organisms that could cause an infection.
Circle Lens : User Guide
How to Open Vial Bottle
Refer below the correct way to open your new circle lens bottle.

open circle lens bottle.jpg
Instruction for Use
~ Never wear lenses longer than the period prescribed.
~ Do not use the lens if the sterile package has been opened or the tamper evident seal is damaged. 
Preparing for Insertion
~ Cleanliness is the most important aspect of proper contact lens care. Establish a routine of good hygiene for handling your lenses.
~ Always wash your hands thoroughly with a mild soap, rinse carefully and dry before touching your lenses.
~ Do not use oily cosmetics, soap contain cold cream, lotions or creams before handling your lenses.  It is best to insert your lenses before putting on makeup.
~ Keep your eyes closed when using hairspray or other aerosols. Seek professional advice about wearing lenses during sporting activities.
~ Always follow the instructions in this leaflet and any advice given to you by your Eye Care Practitioner for the correct handling, insertion, removal, cleaning, disinfecting, storing, and use of your lenses. 
 How to Care circle lens
How to Wear
How to Remove
Contact Lens Care Tips
-You need to care for your lenses. Protein deposits or fungal growth can prove detrimental to your eyes.
-Once you have had your eyes checked by the doctor, request your eye care professional to instruct you on how to care for your lenses.
-Educate yourself by reading articles and tips on web sites devoted to the care of vision health. Make a list of doubts you want to clear and find out answers to the questions.
- Remember, lens care is not standard different kinds have a different regimen. So, the care required would depend on whether your lenses are daily wear, disposables, soft lenses, hard lenses, or continuous wear.
Cleaners for contact lenses
Depending upon the kind of brand you use and the amount of protein your eye deposits on your lenses, your doctor may recommend a required product for its removal. Usually it is a protein removal cleaner. Products for removing protein include enzymatic cleaners and daily protein removal liquids. Multipurpose solution, saline solutions, daily cleaners, hydrogen peroxide and enzyme tablets are some of the products used for cleaning contact lenses.

Contact lenses are a blessing for those who do not like wearing spectacles. The tiny thin and transparent film like objects helps vision but may have adverse effects too, if not taken care of. So while you are ready to place your lenses in your sensitive eyes, ensure that your lenses are always clean and well-looked after.
Storing Contact Lens
1. Put 3 or 4 drop of multiple purpose solution into lens case
2. Put the circle lens on the palm of your hand
3. Drop 2 or 3 of the solution on the lens, it is recommended to rub soft lenses in solution for 20 seconds, this will help removing germs but don't overdo because you might torn the lens.
4. Place your circle lens into lens case
5. Later, after you wear the lens, throw away the solution in the case and replace it with fresh solution before your store your lens again
6. Done!
~ Soak the lens in multi-purpose solutions will disinfect the contact lens
~ Store contact lens case at room temperature
~ Ensure that the caps of lens case is close tightly when not in use
~ Circle lens and lens' case need frequent cleaning to avoid contamination
Things you can't do:
~ Don't put damaged circle lens in your eyes because this will damage your cornea
~ Don't apply makeup before inserting your circle lens
~ Don't use saline to disinfect and soak your lens
~ Don't allow soaps, cosmetics, etc. to reach with your circle lens
~ Don't mix lens with saliva
~ Don't mix different brand of solution
~ Don't share your lens with other people
~ Don't repeatedly take your lens in and out throughout the day
~ Don't rinse or store circle lens in water (tap or sterile water)


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